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From childhood experiences that shaped who she became to the ups and downs of adult life, A.Y. Berthiaume has bared her soul and shared herself with the world in this memoir. Each chapter is written as a journal entry to the Universe about a specific incident, and often a turning point, in the author’s life. While the writing style can be light and humorous at times, this book also delves into a number of serious and heart-wrenching topics such as racism, sexual assault and miscarriage. Throughout it all, the author’s growth as a person is the thread that ties all of these experiences together, resulting in a refreshingly inspiring conclusion. At the end of each chapter, some introspective questions are provided so that those who wish to get more from the book can reflect upon them, enriching their own lives. A.Y. Berthiaume has a clear, casual and captivating writing style that, right from the start of the book, makes you feel like you’re a close friend of hers. More than simply an entertaining and enthralling read, however, Dear Universe, I Get it Now will grab your emotions and take them to unexpected places. Perhaps the most notable example is a trip to Australia that should have been the height of youthful excitement, but which results in a traumatic experience like no other. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and experience every emotion in between. Dear Universe, I Get it Now: Letters on the Art and Journey of Being Brave and Being Me is more than just a memoir, it is an inspirational and thoughtful guidebook, led by one woman’s intriguing and often dramatic life’s experiences.

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Berthiaume’s debut memoir traces critical moments that laid the groundwork for her present career as a writer. This book follows the long and winding road that led to the author’s mantra: “Be brave. Be you. It’s time.” Her self-described “deep soul dive” departs from the typical memoir structure, with each chapter styled as a letter to “the Universe.” The first handful of missives focus, diarylike, on rites of passage, including moments when the White author witnessed racial and sexual discrimination, physical abuse, and bullying. These accounts offer hints of her budding writing career, but two letters, which share the title “Choosing Writing,” are highlights. The first begins in high school around the year 2000,when she accepted a coveted invitation to attend the prestigious Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, defying parental protests that it overlapped with prom weekend. The second chronicles a college epiphany when she courageously switched majors from marriage and family counseling to a master’s degree program in creative writing. But her initial commitment to the written word was rapidly overcome by marriage, motherhood, and other demands of adult life. Readers won’t be able to help but feel sympathy for Berthiaume as the book goes on; from the early pages, it will be clear to readers that the key to the author’s fulfillment is the ability to devote herself completely to writing. The signoffs to her 23 letters also effectively show the evolution of her self-image, from “forest dweller in an alternate life” to “your overachieving to-do list ninja” to “your well-intentioned advocate (and idiot)” to “one of the awesome ones” and “A.Y., professional writer.” The book also encourages readers to embark on their own brave journeys, with a targeted list of self-reflection questions after each letter and a detailed list of “Bravery Boosters” at the end. Writers-in-the-making will feel buoyed and validated by this offbeat remembrance.

What Would You Ask The Universe?

Find out what's inside these pages ...

For anyone questioning their purpose on this planet… who once dared to dream or still does … or who's on the hunt to find themselves - this book is for you.

Dear Universe, I Get it Now is the work of A.Y. Berthiaume, a lifelong dreamer and exuberant professional writer. This is her inspirational story about facing challenges and peering into life's dark corners while longing to understand her place in the world and learning to accept and love who she is.

Berthiaume reflects on her journey through a series of letters written to her pal the Universe. With each letter, she sees that her path was a series of purposeful, cosmic invitations to be brave. She is asked again and again to become who she was born to be. Berthiaume tells her real-life tales in a voice that is equal parts sarcastic and tender. Her stories will make you cry, laugh, think, and nod in agreement.

For anyone questioning their purpose on this planet… who once dared to dream or still does … or who's on the hunt to find themselves - this book is for you. These letters will re-ignite flames you thought were extinguished; empower you to see your experiences as gifts (and signs), and inspire you to own your stories.

Dear Universe, I Get it Now will beg you to consider what you need to ask the Universe about your own journey and invite you to finally brave the path that leads straight to you. Alongside Berthiaume's personal memoir are reflective questions, journaling prompts, and more to guide you on your way.

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